About Skovlysmeden

About me

I started my career September 4th 1978, working on mechanical instrumentation for E. R. Electric, Ensted powerplant.

Since, I have been working for the most power plants in Denmark. The company has changed its name several times: BBC, ABB, YIT & Caverio. I stayed until April 18, 2016 to start my own independent company Skovlysmeden.

After becoming self-employed, I have been working with instrumentation for BWE and BWSC on bio kettles, which are fired on wood chips and straw. The workplaces have been in Brigg, Cramlington and Kent in England.

I am certified for instrumentation at the Avedøre powerplant, where I have had several projects, and at HC Ørstedværk where I worked for Cowi.

For personal references of my work, please contact:

Mats Thomsen - Bwsc  

Holger Rønnow Lodahl - Cowi 

Stefan Perkovic - AVV